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Hallmark Channel Program Schedule for the Week of November 26 - December 2, 2023

Sunday, November 26

6:00 AM    If I Only Had Christmas
8:00 AM    Next Stop, Christmas
10:00 AM    The Royal Nanny
12:00 PM    Holiday Hotline
2:00 PM    Christmas at the Plaza
4:00 PM    A Heidelberg Holiday
6:00 PM    Our Christmas Mural
8:00 PM    A Biltmore Christmas
10:00 PM    Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up
12:00 AM    Christmas With the Darlings
2:00 AM    A Magical Christmas Village
4:00 AM    My Southern Family Christmas

Monday, November 27

6:00 AM    Crashing Through the Snow
8:00 AM    A Big Fat Family Christmas
10:00 AM    Christmas at Dollywood
12:00 PM    The Nine Kittens of Christmas
2:00 PM    Christmas at Castle Hart
4:00 PM    Take Me Back for Christmas
6:00 PM    A Royal Christmas
8:00 PM    A Fabled Holiday
10:00 PM    Holiday Road
12:00 AM    A Christmas Detour
2:00 AM    A Nashville Christmas Carol
4:00 AM    Nantucket Noel

Tuesday, November 28

6:00 AM    Christmas at Pemberley Manor
8:00 AM    Once Upon a Holiday
10:00 AM    The Holiday Sitter
12:00 PM    Write Before Christmas
2:00 PM    Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe
4:00 PM    'Tis the Season to Be Merry
6:00 PM    Coyote Creek Christmas
8:00 PM    Letters to Santa
10:00 PM    A Biltmore Christmas
12:00 AM    My Grown-Up Christmas List
2:00 AM    Under the Christmas Sky
4:00 AM    Christmas Land

Wednesday, November 29

6:00 AM    Gingerbread Miracle
8:00 AM    Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen
10:00 AM    A Kismet Christmas
12:00 PM    Coming Home for Christmas
2:00 PM    #Xmas
4:00 PM    Never Been Chris'd
6:00 PM    Christmas Under Wraps
8:00 PM    Holiday Hotline
10:00 PM    Christmas in Notting Hill
12:00 AM    One Royal Holiday
2:00 AM    Reunited at Christmas
4:00 AM    Christmas in Harmony

Thursday, November 30

6:00 AM    Cross Country Christmas
8:00 AM    The Christmas Cottage
10:00 AM    Christmas Next Door
12:00 PM    Undercover Holiday
2:00 PM    My Southern Family Christmas
4:00 PM    Christmas in Tahoe
6:00 PM    Navigating Christmas
8:00 PM    Christmas Town
10:00 PM    On the 12th Date of Christmas
12:00 AM    A Cozy Christmas Inn
2:00 AM    Mystic Christmas
4:00 AM    When I Think of Christmas

Friday, December 1

6:00 AM    A Royal Corgi Christmas
8:00 AM    The Most Colorful Time of the Year
10:00 AM    A Dickens of a Holiday!
12:00 PM    Joyeux Noel
2:00 PM    Christmas Island
4:00 PM    Crown for Christmas
6:00 PM    Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up
8:00 PM    My Norwegian Holiday
10:00 PM    Our Christmas Mural
12:00 AM    Christmas Getaway
2:00 AM    A Heidelberg Holiday
4:00 AM    You, Me & the Christmas Trees

Saturday, December 2

6:00 AM    Flipping for Christmas
8:00 AM    A Very Merry Bridesmaid
10:00 AM    A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe
12:00 PM    Holiday Road
2:00 PM    Picture a Perfect Christmas
4:00 PM    A Merry Scottish Christmas
6:00 PM    A Biltmore Christmas
8:00 PM    A Not So Royal Christmas
10:00 PM    My Norwegian Holiday
12:00 AM    Three Wise Men and a Baby
2:00 AM    Making Spirits Bright
4:00 AM    Where Are You, Christmas?